Real wood door production steps and the corresponding use of woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Abstract: in the process of production of real wood door, process the complex, every piece of wood, need for woodworking machine to cut and polish, please see below real wood door is how to make it? What kind of woodworking machinery for production use? 1. Using cutting saw timber into sheet to use the width and height of 2. To saw into the panel to the drying room for drying but plank moisture content over 8% 3. The baking sheet using multiple saw blade saw into into wood square 4. Use splice machine or pick up will be plug (5. (with all detailed processing and 6. Using machine will (7 jigsaw. Use the sanding machine will be sanding fir integrated timber 8. Using precision saws will start blanking 9 fir integrated timber. Using precision sawing integration (open deformation of the tank 10. Using precision saws will feed 11 high density board. Use cutting machine to process 12 veneer. Using curve coating machine will be the door line processing, blanking, makeup, sanding 13. Use of hot press the veneer and high density board, composite 14. Using cold press connect composite board and wooden door heartwood 15. Using bilateral saw the real wood door frame section 16. Use sealing side machine will box of real wood sealing side, 17. Use sand machine will be sanding 18 real wood door frame. Use the engraving machine will be modelling, the real wood door leaf door core board, designs the 19th. Using plane frame made good; Use line plane, ornamental engraving and milling machine, the core board and layering 20. Use grain to nail, straight nail gun will be assembled 21 real wood door. Using a lock hole machine and drill will wooden door opening 22. Will be assembled 23, real wood door. Use the sanding machine will be assembled modification of real wood door leaf is sanding 24. Brush color began to 25. After sanding of real wood door leaf into the door of the lacquer that bake again primer, primer is 26 gerber li paint. Head of primer to dry after the first time to grind the 27. Then in the second primer 28 times. Use second sanding 29 sanding machine. On the third 30 times primer. Finally use the sanding machine three-dimensional sanding 31. The real wood door to pay for color correction, the final step will be real wood color, to increase the real wood door beautiful degree of 32. To repair the color after drying wrapping the real wood door, generally in order to guarantee the real wood door is not in the transport process is damaged, manufacturers in the packaging shall be carried out door leaf corners using sponge Angle 33. Real wood door to shipment
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