Reduce the method of numerical control woodworking machinery in the operation

by:Gewinn     2020-04-13
With the development of science and technology, numerical control woodworking machinery in the us, for wood processing enterprises, the production efficiency and economic benefits are improved. But numerical control woodworking machinery in use, there are still a lot of potential safety problems, so the staff in the process of work should do to reduce harm? The detail is below. ( 1) Tighten long hair, not a tie, and gloves. ( 2) Numerical control woodworking machinery equipment power installation and removal, mechanical electrical fault, shall be carried out by a professional electrician, numerical control woodworking machinery shall use only unidirectional switch, reversing the bidirectional switches are not allowed to be used. ( 3) Transmission parts must be installed protective cover, fastening parts connected. ( 4) The workplace should be equipped with complete and reliable fire equipment. Prohibit smoking in the workplace and have other open flame, and shall not store flammable items. ( 5) For processing and processing of wood in the workplace should be neatly stacked, ensure smooth road. ( 6) Machine should be kept clean, shall not be placed on workbench sundry. ( 7) Mechanical pulley, saw wheel, cutter, blade, grinding wheel when the high-speed rotating parts shall be installed in equilibrium experiment. ( 8) All kinds of tool breakage degree should comply with the regulations on the use of manual. ( 9) Before processing, should be clear from the wood nails, wire and other metal. ( 10) No air leakage. ( 11) It is strictly prohibited in the process of mechanical operation measure workpiece size and cleaning machine top and bottom of the sawdust, shavings and debris. ( 12) Mechanical operation shall not across the mechanical transmission part transfer in the process of the workpiece, tools, etc. Troubleshooting, must stay when disassembling tool machine to a complete stop and then cut off power supply, may. ( 13) Operators and support personnel should be closely cooperate to give uniform transfers the material. ( 14) Multi-function machine use, only allowed to use a function, other functions should be removing the device, to avoid safety accident caused more action. ( 15) And to clean up, lubrication. ( 16) When noise emissions should be no more than 90 dB, more than noise reduction measures should be taken or are equipped with protective equipment. That is reduce the method of numerical control woodworking machinery in the operation, hope to be of service.
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