Reduce thermal deformation numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
In numerical control woodworking lathe work will constantly and processing materials for friction, which makes the engine temperature rises with rising at the same time, the temperature of machine tool. Inside and outside in this heat, under the dual function of machine tool parts can produce different degree of deformation, precision of workpiece and tool motion relationship will be destroyed, consequence is very serious. In order to reduce the thermal deformation of the workpiece, usually in the numerical control woodworking machine structure adopted the following measures: 1. As far as possible in order to reduce the heat to increase the power of the engine cooling fan at the same time daily to clear in time the cooling fan of dust. 2. Under the same heating condition, the mechanism of thermal deformation also has very big effect. Such as nc machine tools in the past using single mast mechanism may be replaced by double column body. Due to the left and right sides is symmetrical, dual axis line of the mast mechanism after heated in addition to produce the vertical translation, other direction deformation is small, and vertical axis movement can easily use a coordinate correction to compensate. Thermal deformation occurred in cutter cuts the vertical axis direction. This can make the spindle thermal deformation reduced to minimal impact on machining diameter. 3. Effective way is to direct to forced cooling heating parts, can be through the water and air conditioning fan two ways. Can also be the bottom of the heating temperature of components, make numerical control woodworking lathe the overall temperature uniformity, it also can effectively reduce the deformation.
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