Refers to the joint board equipment makes waste rebirth

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Equipment - refers to The new life, wood waste, at the beginning of this technology to accept more slowly, now, due to the shrinking of timber resources, and refers to through to sawn timber processing of high yield and high benefits, has become an inevitable common processing method. On the basis of the quality of raw materials, refers to meet can make 60% to regain use of wood waste. Connection technology of short dimension lumber is by adopting the combination of end processing method, will be processed into the same pitch and cross section of the oblique cone finger tenon combination after coating. Refers to material has many advantages, the main cost is appropriate, also can use wood of low level and short size. In renovating the end, the side plane, processing into a high end product, such as furniture, desktop, and even the laminated beam and h beam structure material products. To pick up there are two main types: vertical and plane connection, or the docking. The difference between the two connection: shape characteristics of the different appearance, as well as the different workpiece machining process. Vertical refers to pick, wood width for the shape of the visible surface, by contrast, the shape of plane connection can only be seen from the side of the plate. Vertical connections are usually more popular in Europe, and is used in the production of the beam structure, is used in great quantities in the construction industry. In accordance with strict standards, applied to the engineering structure refers to material should have high tensile strength. To pick up material has the advantages of real wood a more solid than the big size. Refers to pick up material in other special applications are widely applied to the surface of various products, mostly value-added products. For example: parts for doors and Windows, ambry parts, beautiful surface flooring and furniture parts. Refers to the cutting direction parallel to the grain of wood tenon highest intensity values, this is one of the important theory, refers to the technology used in addition to the basic factors, refers to the technology also contains other important content. Should survey refers to the first material how the end product of the market situation, in order to get high value-added products, applied to connect the wood must be in good condition, joint without knot, cutting error to control in the tolerance range. Only these conditions are guaranteed, the factory can produce useful value-added products. In order to determine the refers to the equipment investment, the volume and type of raw materials must be confirmed in advance. Many of Asia's system of material factory has a large number of low grade raw materials suitable for the welding process, especially in Thailand and Malaysia. Rubber wood and pine wood is usually short, by referring to meet can put them into high quality of the specifications of the products. The raw material supply volume, must to make a determination each week or month. On the other hand, refers to meet production needs to supply thousands of pieces of wool per hour. To make mechanical connection can achieve a certain strength, machining accuracy, the moisture content of wood and glue amount must be well controlled. For manufacturers of wood drying is a major consideration, so the drying kiln investment is very important. The average target of lumber moisture content should be controlled in 10%. Refers to connect wood kiln when its divergence of volatile organic compounds is low, because already passed the detectors out in the wood. The adhesive used, must go through strict outdoor exposure and strength test, and can quickly solidified. For structural materials of adhesive are usually of resorcinol, phenol and melamine adhesive. Used in indoor, unstructured material of adhesive is usually melamine & ndash; Urea formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde glue, and PVA. Dry condition is good, there will be a 87% certainty of success refers to pick up. If not dry well, is to use the best adhesive in the world, is also difficult to guarantee to meet success. From cutting to splice: refers to the process is to use saw first cut the wood end into square square, and then use high speed cutter head cutting joint part. Sawing decides the depth and length of refers to meet, refers to the depth is very important, it is directly related to the strength of the pick up. Because level refers to the small number of wood, wood artifacts need to feed them one by one, or the production capacity is low. Vertical refers to can batch feeding, allowing cutting more parts at the same time. Equipment the operator need beforehand to choose applied to connect the wood. The selected wood should be straight, size appropriate, no easy damaged defects, so as not to cause refers to meet junction fracture. Logs to bending forming milling into straight logs, and then refers to the welding process can proceed. Tapping the processing error to control within the scope of the permit, to ensure that the sizing pressure process smoothly. Wood can be single feed, can also bulk material cutting. After cutting component index on both ends of the wood tenon, coated with glue, and then the end relative to the wire two wood. Sizing is rotating rubber roller coating machine or with special shape of the nozzle spray. Press refers to pick up immediately after coating adhesive, the workpiece position and pressure, put them together. Artifacts will be effected according to the length direction constantly extension, until they reach the desired length. The workpiece is saw cut into specific length, and then put them to good spellers table neatly placed, then glue, pressure, transverse Mosaic sheets, and then the sheet forming milling into the final product. On HaiRong woodworking machinery equipment to provide you with a complete set of direct board, 021 - details welcome to inquire 39549969, 021 - 51083057
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