Refueling method of hydraulic cold press in solid wood processing equipment

by:Gewinn     2020-03-02
The hydraulic cold press in solid wood processing equipment is a kind of cold press. Compared with the general cold press, the hydraulic cold press has better performance in all aspects, low working noise and fast lifting speed. After the hydraulic cold press works for a period of time, it is necessary to add hydraulic oil to the cold press. The specific refueling methods are as follows: 1. Place the boom parallel to the track and stop after turning 45 to the left, make the bucket cylinder piston rod fully extend, the bucket rod cylinder piston rod fully retract, slowly fall down the boom, make the bucket on the ground, and then shut down the engine, open the oil tank vent valve, pull each operating handle back and forth and step on the pedal several times to release the system residual pressure caused by dead weight, etc. 2. Use gasoline to thoroughly clean all pipe joints, pump and motor joints, oil drain plug, top oil cap of oil tank and bottom oil drain plug and its surroundings. 3. Open the oil drain valve and the oil drain plug at the bottom of the oil tank so that all the old oil flows into the oil drum containing waste oil. 4. Open the refueling cover of the oil tank, take out the refueling filter element, and check whether the residual oil at the bottom of the oil tank, its edges and corners contains metal powder or other impurities. Thoroughly clean the oil tank, first wash it with diesel oil twice, and then blow dry the inside of the oil tank with compressed air. Check whether there are any remaining oil sludge and impurities in the internal corners until they are cleaned up, and finally rinse them with new oil. 5. Disassemble each oil pipe. 6. Remove all filter elements in the system. When replacing the filter element, carefully check whether there is metal powder or other impurities on the filter element, so as to understand the wear of parts in the system. 7. Drain the old oil in the main hydraulic pump, rotary motor and walking motor cavity and fill it with new oil.
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