Remind everybody woodworking sawing machine operation should pay attention to matters

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Simple description of woodworking sawing machine operation should pay attention to matters: 1, sawing machine hydraulic oil to replace the hydraulic oil is extremely important in the process of sawing machine using a part of, so we should pay attention to its maintenance and replacement. Hydraulic oil should be replaced every five months time, the winter with 32 # hydraulic oil, with 46 # hydraulic oil in summer. 2, each device and check carefully before using the lathe worker, fixture, is flexible and reliable; Workpiece clamping and plunger top tight, turn the commissioning by hand, not to direct work boot, confirm that it is good to drive, hard and soft wood, and according to the workpiece to choose the appropriate feed rate, adjust the speed. 3, sawing machine, gear oil change gear oil in use for almost six months or 1200 hours after it must be replaced, such ability can prolong the service life of band sawing machine, improve work efficiency to schedule of quantities. 4, turning process, it is important to note that cannot use the hand to check the work smooth, otherwise it's easy to an accident; If want to use sand paper to grind, want to rest first, after you remove lathe turns, can't use hand brake. 5, sawing machine, sawing steel brush can replace the steel brush will bring the iron removal, and can escape being carried into scrap iron saw wheel or even saw with guide rail, if in this way can cause quite a significant wear and tear, to saw is quite important. Error installing steel brush can cause saw belt or a steel brush excessive wear and tear, will also cause the unstable when sawing, thus affect the normal work, so the sawing machine steel brush replacement is also very important. 6, square timber processing, after must first be processed into the cylinder to the lathe processing, have a knot or crack wood wood lathe processing cannot be used. 7, sawing machine, cooling fluid replacement to replace coolant under normal use, every 1 months as iron filings in the cooling water storage tank must be clean, in order to prolong the service life of pump. These are woodworking sawing machine operation should pay attention to matters. A: what function under a carpenter ornamental engraving cutter: do you know the purpose of automatic edge banding machine
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