Renishaw acquires MTT to supply SLM equipment and rapid prototyping systems

by:Gewinn     2022-04-21
Renishaw Corporation, a global engineering technology company, has recently acquired all shares of MTT Investments Limited and its subsidiary, MTT Technologies Limited (MTT). In Stone, Staffordshire, UK, MTT designs, develops and manufactures additive-based manufacturing and rapid prototyping systems including selective laser melting, metal casting, vacuum casting machines and processes. Referring to the agreement signed on 8 April, Renishaw chairman and chief executive Sir David McMurtry said, 'MTT has a range of interesting technologies, including selective laser melting (SLM) equipment, which are currently being used primarily The aerospace and medical device markets, but there are potential markets in other areas as well. All products are an important addition to Renishaw's existing technology and business, and we look forward to developing this exciting new business together. MTT Technologies Ltd, which employs 35 people and has subsidiaries in the US, Italy and France, will be merged into Renishaw and will continue to operate in Staffordshire as a new product division.' The business synergy between the two companies is perfect,” said MTT chief executive Simon Scott. “We believe that Renishaw will provide us with the ability to fully unleash laser melting (SLM) technology, enabling us to lead the way Competitors and market position purposes. It has recognized the application potential of this technology from what we have achieved. Renishaw also uses its own additional production to complement our commercial activities, so I believe Renishaw has a lot of confidence in our technology and team. '
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