Repair and maintenance of woodworking machinery maintenance is very important

by:Gewinn     2020-09-23
Do woodworking machinery maintenance is very important to maintain the

series of woodworking machinery for solid wood or wood such as plates, the formation of furniture, floor without these carpentry is mainly to a certain degree of damage of the surface of the wood, so as to better realize the value of the wood. Woodworking machinery processing object is wood, because wood has the inhomogeneity and anisotropy, the nature and the strength is different, cutting tool and wood fiber direction Angle is different, the cutting stress and failure load is different also.

in processing showed a complicated mechanical and physical phenomenon, such as saws, Plane) Unbalanced force, elastic deformation, bending, higher shrinkage, crack, burr, etc; Combined with woodworking machinery with high cutting speed, knife shaft speed, big inertia, braking hard and more for the characteristics of the human hand holding the artifact manipulation, as well as work environment noise transfinite cause, were 'outed' accidents will happen.
as a result, to establish and improve equipment safety protection device, adopts the mechanized or automated feed screw, etc. , strengthen the security performance of the woodworking machinery that enough concern must be paid.

woodworking machinery in the long-term use process, will lead to loose parts of wear, and so on a series of problems. In this way, will hurt the service life of woodworking machinery, therefore, it is very important to maintain; So, how to do woodworking machinery maintenance work?

a, can make the machine always in a good conditions, can start the operation or the role of the car.

2, under the condition of reasonable use, not for damage and stop halfway.

3, in use process does not affect safety or drive by accident in the parts.

4, mechanical assembly, technology condition of parts and components to keep balance, to achieve the longest overhaul interval.

on a regular basis, the reasonable maintenance can lighten the load, to strengthen the lubrication and can prolong service life, improve the efficiency of work.
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