repairing your own machine components

by:Gewinn     2020-06-03
Many . . . concerns have . . . of their own.
For the repair of the worn shaft, the lathe is. . .
The keyway can be processed by milling machine, and many industrial problems in the molding machine c have their own workshop.
For the repair of the worn shaft, the lathe is excellent.
The keyway can be processed using a milling machine, while the forming machine can process large flat areas.
The drilling machine is used to drill holes.
Skilled maintenance engineers should know how to use all of these machines in order to carry out their own repairs in a safe manner.
He often supervises mechanics.
For this purpose, the following information should be useful.
The lathe machine lathe uses a singlepoint-
Cutting tools for various turning, facing and drilling operations.
Remove excess metal by rotating the workpiece to a fixed cutter to form a straight or tapered cylindrical shape, groove, shoulder and thread.
It can also be used to face the plane at the end of a cylindrical part.
One month when the workpiece is clipped to the horizontal axis of rotation-jaw or 4-jaw chuck.
The latter Chuck can be used to cut-
Center cylinder.
The rotary horizontal spindle of the Chuck connection is usually driven at a speed that can be changed.
The tool is fixed on the knife seat and operated by hand.
It can also be driven on a straight line path parallel to or perpendicular to the working axis.
This is useful for screw cutting.
An internal turn known as boring can cause holes that already exist to expand.
These holes are more accurate than drilling in terms of circularity, concentricity and parallelism.
A hole is boring with a singlepoint-
A cutting tool that feeds along the inside of the workpiece.
Set machine for processing plane, groove, shoulder, T-
Slot and with single-point tools.
The cutting tool on the shaping machine vibrates, cuts forward, and the workpiece feeds itself in each return trip.
The drilling machine drill is used to drill holes in metal with a twist drill.
By replacing cutting tools, they can be used for hole expansion, drilling, back drilling, drilling and thread processing.
The milling machine uses a rotary cutter to cut the plane, groove and shoulder, inclined surface, joint surface and T-slots.
Many shaped knives are changed to cut different grooves.
Metal cutting tools
The tool is divided into two types: single point or multiple points.
Single-point cutting tools are used for lathes and forming machines, while multi-point cutting tools are used for milling and drilling machinespoint-cutting tools.
The metal is cut by moving the workpiece like a lathe or by moving the tool like a molding machine, drilling or milling machine.
The clearance angle must be provided to prevent friction between the tool surface below the cutting edge and the workpiece.
The front angle is often provided on cutting tools to cause wedge action during cutting and to reduce friction and heat.
Tool material in order to remove the debris from the workpiece, the cutting tool must be more difficult than the workpiece, and must maintain the cutting edge at the temperature generated by the cutting action friction.
Although relatively cheap, carbon steel tools lose cutting capacity at a temperature of about 400 degrees Fahrenheit (205 degree C). High-
High speed steel-
Speed Steel, Tungsten 18%, chromium 4%, vanadium 1%, only 0. 5 to 0.
8% carbon, allowing the tool to run at a rate of two to three times as much as the carbon steel cast alloy allowsalloy cutting-
Tool materials containing cobalt, chromium and tungsten are effective in cutting cast iron and maintaining its cutting capacity, even at high temperatures.
The hardness of cemented carbide is close to that of diamond.
Carbide tools can operate at speeds many times higher than high cutting speedsspeed steel.
The oxide ceramic or oxide tool tip is mainly composed of fine alumina particles that are combined together.
These are very hard.
The overheated tool will quickly become dull and soft.
Therefore, cooling fluid often cools the cutting point of the tool.
This is for lubrication and cooling.
Water is a good cooling medium, but it corrupts the black material.
Mineral oil sulfide is one of the most popular coolant, which can be cooled and lubricated.
Sulfur prevents debris from melting from work to the tip of the tool.
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