Robotic shot blasting cleaning system for sand aluminum castings came out Wheelabrator

by:Gewinn     2022-04-30
Complex, precise and high value-added parts always have higher technical and quality requirements for surface treatment equipment. The ROTO-JETRG5/7 automatic robot shot blasting machine provided by Wheelabrator (Group) was successfully applied to the cleaning of sand-type aluminum castings for the first time. This fully automatic robot shot blasting machine is used for shot blasting cleaning of gearboxes and brake hubs (700mm long, 600mm in diameter, and 50kg in weight). It takes less than 1 minute to clean such a gearbox or brake hub. The robotic manipulator is responsible for bringing the gearbox and brake hub into the blasting chamber, as well as optimal positioning in the closed blasting chamber, ensuring that all surfaces of the part are cleaned. When setting the shot blasting program and specific processing time, the coupling and conveying system is used to match the manipulator. This design makes the manipulator highly flexible and can adapt to shot blasting cleaning of various complex and precision parts.
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