Russia plans to build the world's strongest laser

by:Gewinn     2022-05-29
Russian authorities are planning to build the world's most powerful laser facility for thermonuclear reactions by 2020. The facility will be built in the Russian town of Sarov on the Volga River. The town is known for its research in nuclear physics. It is expected that foreign scientists will be allowed to use the laser equipment. The device is staggeringly large, 360 meters long and up to 10 stories high. The primary task of the laser device is to create thermonuclear reactions for the supply of electricity in the future. This theory has been proposed half a century ago. But, until now, thermonuclear reactors have remained a dream. The Voice of Russia reporter consulted laser expert Sergey Garanin on why such a large laser system was built. The following is his point of view: Through such a laser device, scientists will better understand the formation process of high-density matter energy, such as the formation process of planetary cores. Therefore, these experiments are very useful for astrophysicists. In fact, physicists still know very little about the nature of matter, especially how it 'behaves' under conditions of high density and high pressure. The laser device will also be used in other natural science research.
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