Taiwan CNC punch press industry development situation is good

by:Gewinn     2020-04-01
1-2011 5 years, Taiwan's machine tool industry situation is good, the big increase in import and export are implemented. Five months before, Taiwan machine tool total exports of 15. 53 $800 million year-on-year growth. 6%; Import a total of 3. 5. 7 billion dollars, an increase of 66. 0%. In the category of export Taiwan machine tool, cutting machine tool exports 12. 7. 5 billion yuan crusher manufacturer, compared with an increase of 61 over the same period last year. 5%; Molding machine tool exports to 3. 27 $5. 5 billion year-on-year growth. 6%. In the exporting country/region, mainland China and Hong Kong area become major export machine in Taiwan area, of its total exports of 43. 5% to 6. The 42 $8. 7 billion year-on-year growth. 3%; Followed by the United States, accounts for the total of 6. 7%, to 1. $5. 3 billion year-on-year surge in 137. 2%. Overall, 2011 of the world's major machine tool production countries in the recovery stage, including Germany, the United States, Japan and other orders and sales increased to some extent. At present Taiwan's machine tool industry of the 3rd quarter order has been completed, the industry is rushing to meet orders for the fourth season. From the point of import machine, cutting machine import is 3. 09. 3 billion dollars, an increase of 75. 3%; Forming machine imports of 0. 23 $47. 9 billion year-on-year growth. 8%. Japan became the first source of Taiwan machine tool imports, accounted for 64 of the total. 1% to 2. $2. 9 billion, increased 76. 7%. In Switzerland, second of 11. 3%, the total of 0. 400 million dollars.
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