Teach you how the key points of multi-axis woodworking drilling operation

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Following a brief introduction of more rows of multi-axis woodworking drilling operation key points: 1, the sheet will be classified according to size, punch former must to choose face, face plate, side panel, plate must light to take light put 2, with a high number of width plate size order; 3, please use flat drill and drilling finished all Pacific clasp, the same measure, after the hole to measure and adjust the hole position after operation as above; 4, with drawers on both sides of the plate width as size benchmark, about custom; Two pieces of side panel thick skin burrow, and together in the middle drawer panel will measure around 10 mm again on drilling platform; 5, every time transfer the measure or drill bit change or switch button, will be made on the machine self-checking, when the machine is abnormal situation, should immediately press the stop button, to turn it off in time. 6, put all the plates after the hole on the cart, avoid by all means do not drop, then according to the sheet size classification stacked together; 7, turn off the drill power, sawing machine foam blowing clean. These are more rows of multi-axis woodworking drilling operation point. Introduce a: semi-automatic sealing side machine maintenance skills under a: gives a brief introduction to working principle of back knife lathes
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