Teach you how to judge a good second-hand woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28
Teach you how to judge the stand or fall of second-hand woodworking machinery

along with the constant development of science and technology, new technology, new materials, new technology constantly emerging, woodworking machinery equipment level in our country and abroad gap will be more and more small, will be pouring into foreign advanced technology and equipment, for domestic woodworking machinery, challenges and opportunities coexist. Electronic technology, digital control technology, laser technology, microwave technology and the development of high pressure jet technology, to the furniture machinery automation, flexibility, intelligence and integration has brought new vigor, make the machine tool and a growing variety of technical level enhances unceasingly.

the guangdong woodworking machinery processing object is wood. Wood is a kind of raw material, found that using one of the earliest human with human lives, the line, with has the close relation. Human beings in the long-term practice has accumulated rich experience in wood processing. It is through a long-term production practice, woodworking machinery constantly found, constantly exploring, creating and developing constantly.

so if it is to buy second-hand woodworking machinery, should how to judge the good or bad?

a listen to, listen to the manufacturer's product introduction, from the machine specification, performance, use scope, operation method, price, service, etc. , and the machine has a general sense.

2, look at outside the body in good condition. Check all parts, accessories are complete, see manufacturer demonstrated the staff presentation, see bonding effect, to grasp the essentials of operating the machine. Try

3, open the machine commissioning. Check whether the power supply, air supply lines open, sensitive, whether host spindle running smoothly, no noise, etc. Based on the user decide to buy it or not.

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