Tell you ocean seiko machinery operation requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Machinery is the furniture industry is widely used type of woodworking machinery, to furniture quality plays a decisive factor, sealing side quality directly affect the quality of furniture edge banding, so the machine during operation also has certain technical requirements. 1, parts and by block must by yan, sealing sideband and cementation tightly solid, do tear test can be evenly down sawdust as standard; 2, medium plate processing and sealing sideband after sealing side is not on edge and obvious glue line; 3, to avoid in the process of equipment operation by grinding scratches sealing sideband and plate; 4, press roller must be kept without impurities, no stain and impurity on the plate after sealing side is a; 5, door plank sealing sideband edge roundingoff after sealing side is sleek, straight without wavy sealing sideband sides; 6, sealing sideband after sealing side is not beyond the plate thickness of 0. 2mm; 7, when parallel mechanical sealing side panel is the minimum width is 70 mm wide, vertical machine when the minimum width of 200 mm, when more than two pieces of board to be less than 200 mm when a merger sealing side;
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