tender for ecrl infrastructure works to be opened in april

by:Gewinn     2019-08-23
Bentong: Bidding for East Coast railway lines (ECRL)
Billions of ringgit infrastructure projects will open in stages in April.
There are at least 30% civil packages ,(
Tunnel works are not included)
Although the country of China-
China Communications Construction Company (CCCC)
Received an award for the RM55bil ECRL project.
Malaysia Railway Co. , Ltd. MRL)
Noor Azlan Salleh, director of construction, said the ECRL project includes 60% infrastructure works and 40% system works.
\"Starting from April, CCCC will open tenders to local contractors
Registered on last October.
\"The tender will be open in stages to qualified local companies,\" he said during a media visit to the ECRL construction site on Thursday.
He also said that projects currently in Phase I are on track.
\"At present, the construction preparations for the three tunnels are in progress in Bentong itself,\" he said . \".
There will be 45 tunnels in multiple locations built along the project route, including 16.
The 37 km-meter double-Hole tunnel from Benton to Gombak is the longest railway tunnel in Malaysia.
\"Called Yunding tunnel, will be built using two tunnel rigs (TBM)
\"This will be introduced from China in November,\" he added . \".
Noor Azlan said that at present, MRL is carrying out ground preparation work to receive the machine for the boring machine.
\"By June, we had to reinforce the routes leading to the tunnel construction site, which were located on uneven winding routes in order to receive the machines,\" he said . \".
It is expected that it will be transported from Klang port in Selangor to the site here on November, and the work of Yunding tunnel will start on 2019 after the installation of the machine.
Other tunnels will be constructed using drilling and blasting methods.
The ECRL project covers 688 km kilometers from Klang port in Selangor to Tumpat in Kelantan and is a large project
Ticket infrastructure project to change the face of the East Coast.
At the peak of projects expected to arrive in the third quarter of next year (
Noor Azlan added that between 18,000 and 20,000 construction workers are expected to participate.
At the same time, vacancies for approximately 3,000 local workers in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Selangor will be opened.
MRL is a special purpose vehicle under the Ministry of Finance and is responsible for being the project owner.
The ECRL is expected to be completed by June 2024.
ECRL can not only change the economic landscape of the East Coast states, including Pahang, and promote development, but also change the social structure, especially in rural areas.
With ECRL, for example, people living in Benton can reach Kuala Lumpur in about 25 minutes.
The ECRL is expected to create about 80,000 jobs, while the gross domestic product of the three states is expected to increase by one. 5%.
The project is one of the most challenging engineering and construction projects in Malaysia, as there is a considerable area in the Titiwangsa Mountains and the hills of dense forests.
The original ECRL design may result in losses of more than 2, 000 hectares of forest protected areas, but changes have been made to the routes and regulations of 45 tunnels with a total length of about 49 km, forest losses were reduced by 90%.
Wildlife underground passages will also be built in 29 strategic locations, so that wildlife can move freely despite the railway crossing.
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