tender for ecrl works to open in april

by:Gewinn     2019-08-24
Ben Tong: at least 30% kilometers of East Coast Railway (ECRL)
Starting from April, tenders will be opened for infrastructure projects.
Malaysia Railway Co. , Ltd. MRL)
The head of Noor Azlan Salleh construction company said that packages excluding tunnel works will be provided by China Communications Construction Company in installments (CCCC)
All qualified local contractors
\"We can\'t elaborate on the value of these packages because the design details are still being finalized.
\"It can be said that they will be worth billions of ringgit,\" he said during a media visit to the ECRL construction site . \".
MRL is the owner of the ECRL and CCCC is the main contractor for the project.
Noor Azlan said the preparations and some earthwork works along the route went well.
\"At least 45 tunnels will be built in multiple locations along 49 km kilometers, with a total length of 688 kilometers
Km ECRL alignment.
\"The 16 th will be one. 375-
Yunding tunnel is the longest railway tunnel in the country.
\"This is a two-hole tunnel from Bentong to Gombak,\" Noor Azlan said . \".
He added that the 9-meter-diameter Yunding tunnel will be drilled using two tunnel rigs (TBMs).
TBMs is expected to arrive in Port Klang from China in November and drilling is expected to begin in 2019.
Noor Azlan also said that the RM55bil ECRL project, which will connect the port of Klang with Kelantan pengaran Kubor, will provide about 18,000 workers during the peak period, which is expected to be in 2019.
\"Only 30% of the labor force is foreigners and the rest will be locals,\" he said . \". The 688-
Km track is expected to be completed by June 2022 and operational in the medium term2024. —
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