The 2010 British International Machine Tool Show will be staged in June next year

by:Gewinn     2022-06-10
The 2010 British International Machine Tool Show (MACH 2010), hosted by the British Manufacturing Technology Association (MTA), will be held at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, UK, from June 7 to 11 next year. Compared with the large-scale comprehensive exhibitions such as EMO, Hannover, and Frankfurt, MACH exhibition is the only exhibition in the UK dedicated to the industry, which concentrates the latest and most high-end machinery and tool manufacturing technology in the UK industry. MACH 2010 exhibits mainly include: metal formwork forging/metal forming; metal cutting; automation and robotics; computer-aided design/computer-aided management manufacturing; engineering lasers; measuring tools and probing; tool machines and fixtures; welding and metal preform ; Rapid Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping. Adsale China Machinery u0026 Metal Network learned from the organizer that three new zones will be added to the exhibition, namely: Designated Supplier Zone, Grinding Solutions Zone and Business Solutions Zone. The organizer of the exhibition, the British Manufacturing Technology Association (MTA), was established in 1919 under the leadership of the British Department of Commerce and Trade, and set up an office in Beijing in 1995. As the only branch of the association in China, MTA BJO is based in China and is committed to promoting the advanced technology of British engineering and manufacturing to domestic enterprises. It is a bridge of communication between industrial high-tech and OEM supply and demand cooperative manufacturers.
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