The advantage of numerical control woodworking machinery have?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-15
Numerical control woodworking lathe industry rapid development in our country, we developed the latest CNC woodworking machinery, do you know where its advantages? Let's find out! 1, learning time is short, 30 minutes can understand programming method, 30 minutes to understand the operation process, 30 minutes to learn the method on equipment maintenance, skilled operation can achieve a week. 2, the high reliability of the numerical control module, for its work stability and after-sales service are reliable guarantee, installation; 3, with high precision stepper motor driver, ensure the accuracy of machining dimension by program calculation; 4, friendly operation interface simple, all simple tips and size of the direct input Chinese characters set method; 5, biaxial can processing two at the same time, single shaft can be mounted to the chuck, high efficiency, low energy consumption; Above is our latest company research and development of numerical control woodworking lathe lathe advantages! If you also want to know more, please contact our customer service or continue to focus on our website!
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