The advantages and disadvantages of numerical control woodworking machinery belt transmission

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Numerical control woodworking machinery is the main use of wood processing industry equipment, the processing characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, cost savings brought good economic benefit to the enterprise. Now the numerical control woodworking machinery is mostly with a belt transmission, below small make up is to introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of numerical control woodworking machinery belt transmission. Advantages: 1) Belt is flexible, able to buffer, vibration absorbing, transmission smooth, clean, Without lubrication) , low noise; 2) Overload, the belt on the pulley sliding, prevent damage of other parts of the security protection; 3) Applicable to the center distance larger occasions; 4) Simple structure, low cost, convenient installation maintenance. 5) Belt on the pulley is stable and has good transmission effect 6) Good belt adjustable, adjusted according to the specific processing requirements disadvantages: 1) Belt on the pulley have relative sliding, transmission ratio is not constant; 2) Transmission efficiency is low, the life of the belt is shorter; 3) The transmission profile size; 4) Need tensioning, the shaft supporting pulley and bearing force is larger; 5) Should not be used in high speed, flammable and so on. Above is the belt transmission characteristics of numerical control woodworking machinery, hope to be of service.
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