The aging of Japanese machine tool equipment may introduce corresponding policies

by:Gewinn     2022-05-16
According to a questionnaire survey conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (referred to as 'Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry'), more than 45% of Japanese domestic enterprises' machine tool equipment has a service life of more than 15 years, indicating that the pace of replacement of machine tool equipment by Japanese enterprises is relatively lagging behind. The survey shows that the main reason for the slow update of machine tool equipment in Japanese companies is that more than 30% of them believe that 'production demand has declined'. Since the financial crisis, Japanese companies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, have not been able to replace their old equipment due to the slump in global demand and their own weak strength. In addition, in the context of the continuous appreciation of the yen, more Japanese companies have chosen to invest overseas. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan believes that the productivity of enterprises is a key factor in driving Japan's economic recovery, and should fully support productive activities such as enterprise equipment investment. At the same time, the government's specific support measures will be reflected in the 'growth strategy' just released.
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