The analysis of woodworking machinery safety technical measures

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
On the design should make the woodworking machinery complete safety devices, including safety protection device, safety control and security alarm equipment. Woodworking machinery requirement of safety technique of 5: 'have a wheel shall cover, shaft and sleeve and the blade cover, saw blade, plane ( Cut) Cut a block '. Safety device circular saw band saw machine safety devices woodworking planer safety device. Hands pressed flat plane on hands for multiple accident, hand pressing requirement of design and installation of cutter axis: 4 o 'clock. 【 Examples 】 In the process of wood processing, knife shaft speed is high, the automation level is low, there is more risk factors. About the safety technical measures of the following statements, right there, ) 。 一个。 Knife shaft of woodworking machinery and electrical appliances should be safe from spreading device B. Circular saw machine should be installed to separate knife shield C and activities. Planer opened a hole positioning gaskets are adopted to decrease the noise D. Hand pressing cutter shaft must use the knife shaft E. 【 band sawing machine should be installed saw disc brake controller The answer 】 ABCE。 【 Parsing 】 Knife shaft of woodworking machinery and electric spreading device should be security; To make the function of band saw down quickly, shall furnish saw disc brake controller; In order to prevent the wood rebound, the danger of circular saw should be installed on the separating knife ( Let go) And shield; Woodworking planer noise reduction can be used to open hole positioning gasket, can reduce the noise of 10 ~ 15 db ( 一) ; For safety, hands pressed flat plane must use cylindrical cutter axis, absolute ban the use of knife shaft.
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