The appearance of CNC punch press test

by:Gewinn     2020-03-31
( 1) Machine tool appearance inspection before make detailed inspection acceptance on CNC punch press, to inspect the machine appearance. It includes two aspects: one is the reference to general visibility related standards, all kinds of protective cover of nc machine tools, machine oil inner quality, lighting, chip removal, wires and gas, the tubing thread fixed and protection for inspection; The second is to check the appearance of the numerical control cabinet. Check should focus on the following aspects: ( 1) Numerical control cabinet appearance check numerical control cabinet MDI/CRT unit, location, display unit, dc voltage unit, the printed circuit board ( Including servo unit) Wait to see if there is any breakage, thus shielding wire should also check whether there is shielding layer peeling phenomenon. ( 2) Check of (1) numerical control cabinet interior fastening screw fastening check input transformer, servo power transformer, input unit, power unit, etc have all terminals of the screw is tightened, who need to cover at the terminal block in the High voltage) Whether there is cover. (2) tighten check in numerical control cabinet all connectors, flat cable connector socket has a fastening screw fastening, such as to ensure their connection is firm, good contacts. (3) fastening inspection of printed circuit boards in the structure of the numerical control cabinet layout, have a plenty of cage structure, pieces of printed circuit board is inserted inside the cage. Have a plenty of master-slave structure, that is, a large wrap around the main plug in several small plate ( As additional selection board) A form, but no matter what, should check whether or not the printed circuit board of the fastening screw tight, also should check each EPROM and RAM on the printed circuit board film such as whether to insert in place. ( 3) Servo motor appearance check especially for hard shell with pulse encoder servo motor would carefully check, especially after the end cover. If found to have knock against, motor back cover should be open, remove the pulse encoder enclosure, check whether the optical encoder is fracture.
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