The application scope of second-hand woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22
The application scope of second-hand woodworking machinery

woodworking machinery a lot of people are not very strange, but for woodworking machinery processing with the characteristics of has four prominent features, the reason here are four characteristics.

1, for woodworking machinery for cutting and processing, a general tool when the workpiece cutting speed is relatively high, generally to vibrate at the same time. The noise is big.
2, a general woodworking machinery manufacturing precision is compared commonly low.
3, for woodworking machinery of a knife shaft of a rotating speed is high, and the inertia is relatively large, so for the difficulty of the brake is also pretty obvious effect.
4, processing for woodworking machinery in me a process in the manual operation is compared commonly big, at the same time for a labor intensity is very large.
at the same time these four is about the four process characteristics of woodworking machinery, hope to see these can some help to you.

the range of second-hand woodworking machinery:

: (1) industry mainly include fishing boat ( Include: ship, hull, deck, rudder and propeller shaft tube and bearing parts) ; Textile use wood shuttle, bobbin, go shuttle plate, etc. ; Plywood, packing, Made tea packaging, food boxes, industrial supplies boxes, etc. ) , vehicle load board ( Passenger cars, trucks, trains,) And so on.

2. Civilian aspects: wooden furniture, wooden floor, pencil, drawing board, wood, wood carving, seal, toys, wood stickers, palace lantern, folding fan, buckets, tub, picture frame, screen, Musical Instruments, tools, etc.

3. Sports: there are mainly sports equipment, such as rowing, table tennis table, the racket, golf clubs, tennis rackets, arrows, the balance beam, horizontal bar & parallel bars, etc.

(4) architecture: the main door, window, wood beam and interior decoration products, etc.
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