The carving machine troubleshooting methods of woodworking machinery operation

by:Gewinn     2020-09-26
We often when operating woodworking machinery engraving machine glitches always can appear a little problem, but always don't know how to repair, however small make up my living forest worker mechanical engraving machine operation experience for many years carving machine troubleshooting methods, the hope can help you:
1, whether the various parts of the screws is loose.
2. If the file is too big error is processed by the computer.
3. Check their processing path is correct.
4. Chuck unscrew the knife, the knife clamping turn a direction, put the knife is, lest sculpture objects is bright and clean.
5, spindle speed increase or decrease, so as to adapt to different materials, General is 8000 - 24000).
6. Check whether the tool is hurt, change new sword to sculpture.
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