The cause of numerical control woodworking machinery oil and processing methods

by:Gewinn     2020-04-12
Speaking of numerical control woodworking machinery believe that everyone is very familiar with, it is now the use of wood processing plants in the main equipment. Numerical control woodworking machinery oil is a very headache thing, serious will not only damage the equipment also can cause the pollution of environment, then below small make up to introduce to you the reason for numerical control woodworking machinery oil and the processing method. Transmission oil leakage reason mainly has three: one, is due to the unreasonable design, such as no design air holes or air holes is too small, the external pressure and internal pressure cannot balance, lead to leakage of lubricating oil. Second, is to create design can not meet the requirements of housing faying surface precision is not enough, cause and untight seal oil leakage. More than three, is the use of improper maintenance congestion, lead to internal pressure is too high, too much oil, the oil level is too high; The combination of the connection is loose, make the noodles don't sealed. Transmission oil spill prevention methods: first, in order to prevent the oil spill, design should be improved, the gearbox observation hole cover and refueling as adding cover ventilation device, ensure casing inside and outside air pressure equilibrium is smooth; Second, improve the body joint surface and matching the machining accuracy, prevent casing deformation; Third, also do the maintenance work, often check and unblock the vent, oil amount, the appropriate subdivision surface maintenance overhaul enclosure, severe deformation of the replacement; Fourth, the clear return chute, tighten bolts. The above is the cause of numerical control woodworking machinery oil and processing methods, hope to be of service.
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