The cause of the accident analysis of numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
Every enterprise in the production at the same time, tell employees must to put safety first, however, our country each year because the production of mechanical equipment and cause accident more than thousand, this article is to analyze for everyone today CNC woodworking lathe production accident causes. 1. Fatigue homework. Most or causes of fatigue, so the employee on time to rest, to ensure adequate sleep, efficient work. 2. Numerical control woodworking lathe production when waste may follow the wood lathe CNC high speed rotating, you accidentally scratch the body. 3. The operator don't have the safety of the numerical control woodworking lathe operation technology. 4. Most of the numerical control woodworking lathe staff manual into the feed. Actually rarely because of equipment failure caused by accidents, most of them are caused by some error operation or fatigue homework two, so want to much to reduce the accident frequency, the need to strengthen the staff's skill training and ideological education.
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