The cause of the ordinary machine tools

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
In this era of science and technology developed, all the things in the innovation and development, just as our mobile phones has upgrade from the previous cell phone into touch, machine also is so, now, for the most part of machine tools used in our country or ordinary machine tools. Huge Numbers of conventional machine tools, safety issues highlighted. And characteristics such as high efficiency and high precision CNC lathes, determines the future development direction of machine tool industry. Below we CNC woodworking lathe factory is detailed introduce for everybody. Numerical control transformation of the old machine tool is also an important way to improve the efficiency of numerical control machine tool. Completion of numerical control transformation, conventional machine tools can significantly improve the processing efficiency of machine tools and automatic and intelligent level. Reduce the possibility of the risk the operator contact area; Operating system and the operating interface is more and more accord with the requirement of man-machine engineering, which can effectively reduce operator errors and reduce accidents due to errors. Numerical control machine tool modification can reduce the cost of procurement of CNC machine tool, for enterprises to save money, and for serving equipment to increase safety performance, improve the level of machine tool intrinsically safe, solve the lower level of numerical control, frequent personnel injury accident, the low level of security, the production efficiency is not high. According to the consumption data of the existing machine tools, under the overall planning of national macroeconomic regulation and control, machine tool market in 2013 will grow by 14. By 2% to 389 billion yuan. The strong growth momentum will consolidate China as the world's largest consumer of machine tool and the status of the producer. Increase imports of high-end machine tools at the same time, also made the development planning of domestic machine tool industry, especially in numerical control areas, put forward the CNC generation 'overall planning, to promote the industry of numerical control rate, into the development of the system. The above is our CNC woodworking lathe manufacturers to introduce the reason of conventional machine tools, hope can bring you help.
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