The causes of high precision machining punch automatic feeder

by:Gewinn     2020-04-15
Punch automatic feeder for CNC punch press equipment in the most widely application scope, high performance equipment, punch press automatic feeder for the workpiece with high machining precision, and high production efficiency, with small make up to look at. Punching system, CNC system for each pulse output, the amount of mobile machine moving parts called pulse equivalent. Pulse equivalent of CNC punching machine in general is 0. 001 mm, high-precision CNC punch can reach 0. Resolution 001 mm, its movement is much higher than ordinary machine tools. In addition, the numerical control punch press has a position detection device, can the actual displacement of moving parts or Angle of ball screw, servo motor feedback to the CNC system, and by nc system to compensate. Therefore nc machining accuracy than the machine itself can be obtained has high machining accuracy, so the size of the high precision machining parts. Automatic feeder in the modern industrial utilization is higher and higher, reduce the labor intensity.
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