The characteristics of C type CNC punch press

by:Gewinn     2020-04-02
The characteristics of C type CNC punch press, 1 C type CNC turret punch press system integration domestic general programming software function, AutoCad graphic automatic conversion code; 2, USES the integrated LCD workstations control, separate control cabinet and bed fission design; 3, using imported reducer with imported servo drive, high precision, ensure the accuracy of the cylinder positioning; 4, using imported pneumatic friction clutch controller, safe double valve control, stable work, reliable performance; The tonnage insurance device, alarm protection; 5, configuration, automatic lubrication device and automatic oil return, timing quantitative automatic circulation lubrication; 6 C CNC turret punch press, using Japanese technology turn thin cone plate, long oriented, good to neutral, loading and unloading die change fast and convenient; 7, adopts imported brand electrical components, stable and reliable; 8, USES the high quality elastic brush mixed with universal ball workbench, reduce friction plate, pulling the material smoothly; 9, adopts full float pneumatic clamp, together with the sheet metal and floating, avoid sheet deformation; Convenient dovetailed slip plate moving clamp.
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