The characteristics of numerical control woodworking lathe have what aspects

by:Gewinn     2020-04-10
Compared with ordinary lathe numerical control woodworking lathe processing, there are many ways to follow the principle of basic consistent, but also has the characteristic of the following aspects: 1, high automatic degree and the specific processing technology content. Numerical control woodworking lathe machining process is according to the input program automatically, under normal circumstances, the operator is just beside the lathe to observe and monitor the running state of lathe. Specific process problems early nc process design content, and make a choice and have been programmed to process, flexible processing by the operator, and can adjust timely. 2, good consistency, stable quality of machining parts. Due to the positioning precision of numerical control woodworking lathe and repeated positioning precision, so it's easy to guarantee the consistency of component size, greatly reduce the human error, so the numerical control processing can guarantee the machining precision of parts is higher. 3, high production efficiency. Due to numerical control woodworking lathe process can be completed in a clamping workpiece many processing operations, namely by adopting process focused most of the numerical control lathe processing, can save when ordinary wood lathe processing in the middle of the process, shorten the processing time to prepare. 4, easy to complete all kinds of complicated shape processing. Due to the complexity of numerical control woodworking lathe generally don't need a lot of technology and equipment, but by programming the complicated shape and high precision parts processing, so when the design change, it is easy to the program to make corresponding adjustment soft, do not need to be redesigned processing jig. So the numerical control lathe can shorten the product development cycle, to new product development, quickly adapt to the demand of the market change provides an effective method. 5, easy to realize CAD/CAM. Computer aided design and manufacturing has become the only way for modern industrial technology to modernize. Computer aided design drawings and data, into actual products, the most effective way is to use CAM technology processing and manufacturing, CNC lathe and CNC processing technology is the foundation of CAM manufacturing system. 6, numerical control lathe is suitable for many varieties, small batch production. The object of the numerical control processing is commonly shape more complex parts, but most numerical control woodworking lathe and the relative concentration of technical method, so the process time is relatively long. Although in recent years in the timber industry machining center with multiple blade shaft and flexible manufacturing unit, but compared with the multi-station special lathe forming production line, there is still a large gap between its production scale and efficiency. Above is numerical control woodworking lathe has the characteristics of the hope can help you.
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