The characteristics of numerical control woodworking lathe is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
According to the principle of numerical control woodworking lathe can be divided into open loop and closed loop and half open loop control system. Simple said is open loop for manual control, closed loop to run automatically, half ring for manual and automatic operation. According to control the number of coordinates at the same time, can be divided into two, three, four, five coordinate, according to the tool post structure can be divided into side-by-side and turret, according to the knife shaft work position can be divided into vertical and horizontal, according to the spindle number of single, double, multi-axis, etc. , according to the points in the frame structure of single arm type and door type. The characteristics of the current numerical control woodworking lathe for; Application of high and new technology. Improve the comprehensive utilization of wood. Improve the machining accuracy. Improve production efficiency and automation.
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