The characteristics of numerical control woodworking machinery and maintenance

by:Gewinn     2020-04-11
Speaking of numerical control woodworking machinery believe that everyone is very familiar with, they are now an indispensable equipment in the wood processing enterprises. It can improve the efficiency for the enterprise, bring good economic benefits, enhance the corporate image. But numerical control woodworking machinery in use to increase the maintenance work. The characteristics of numerical control woodworking machinery: ( 1) High speed cutting. ( 2) Some parts of manufacturing precision is relatively low. ( 3) A high noise level of woodworking machinery. ( 4) Woodworking machinery generally don't need a cooling device, the chip removal dust removal device. ( 5) Woodworking machinery cannot be well versed in automatic feeding way, numerical control station processing way. Numerical control woodworking machinery maintenance: first of all, we want to do a good job of cleaning woodworking machinery. Woke up on a regular basis for woodworking machinery parts clean, to keep the woodworking machinery and bright as new. Second, we need to check the running of the woodworking machinery parts regularly. Here we mainly is to look at the woodworking machinery in operation process whether there is a sound, or noise, and woodworking machinery have a serious fever, once found that the problem should be immediately testing, maintenance, to ensure the woodworking machinery in good working condition. Third, we have regular lubrication processing of woodworking machinery. Maintain equipment lubrication is a very important thing, only a machine keep smooth state, can we make better run woodworking machinery. Finally, we need to clear in time left behind when the woodworking machinery operation of sawdust. Or wood chips to accumulate much, easily get inside woodworking machinery, so as to affect the use effect of woodworking machinery. The above is the whole of the characteristics of numerical control woodworking machinery and maintenance are introduced, the hope can help to you.
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