The characteristics of simple about two-way cloth bag mobile dust catcher

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Below for everyone to introduce the characteristics of two-way cloth bag mobile dust catcher, portable bag dust collector is a unit of economic efficient on-site cleaning operations. Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry ( For example, tablet machine, granulator, sugar pot, mixer, crusher, vibrating screen machine, weighing, pre-treatment process equipment such as Chinese traditional medicine) Dust removal, as well as electronic, mechanical processing, precision instrument, biological, chemical, food, casting, building materials, ceramics, loading and unloading, mining metallurgy industry such as the purification of dust removal. For the average proportion of small, small metal scraps, foundry sand dust powder, plastic, bakelite powder, charcoal powder, gypsum powder, such as cement in a certain range are all in good dust removal effect, dust removal efficiency is more than 99. 5%. Now everyone on the characteristics of two-way cloth bag mobile dust catcher has certain understanding. A: do you know the application scope of emery cloth roll next article: using carpenter ornamental engraving cutter what are the problems need to pay attention to
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