The characteristics of stamping manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-03-31
Single: stamping manipulator can be divided into single simplex bits, a single transfer stamping manipulator. A single simplex bit stamping manipulator is suitable for larger, the sheet stamping production situation. Commonly used with hair sheet feeder. And a single transfer stamping manipulator is more suitable for small workpiece stamping and machining occasions require multiple stamping process, general cooperate with automatic feeder and ring material in production. Stamping manipulator characteristics: 1, mainly driven by the high performance servo motor to achieve; 2, which can realize rapid positioning, lift, mobile; 3, the use of special design of lateral translation structure and auxiliary lifting structure; 4, the whole machine adopts microcomputer control and interlock control puncher, operated by touch screen and parameters setting; More punch manipulator, punch and manipulator, punch manipulator manufacturers such as content on WWW. gmrcsk。 Com, we wholeheartedly for your service.
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