The characteristics of the modern wood sanding machine technology

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Modern woodworking sander what sanding technology improvement? Next, please listen to the small make up hua sheng machinery to say to you. The modern woodworking sander kill technology specialized division of labor is clear, such as paint sanding machine, sanding machine, two sub-companies named seaport wood sanding machine, flat sanding machine, profile sanding machine, etc. ; Computer control degree is more and more high, such as cross-cutting sensor measuring the size of the parts size, shape and thickness of the parts, and the control section roller, adjust parts to get the accurate pressure through; A high degree of automation; CSD pressure transmission system, can realize stepless adjust the pressure of each sanding pad, including sensitive area of edge sanding quality; Sand light, flatness, pressure distribution, sanding range is set according to users need; With horizontal sanding, vertical sanding and a variety of combination of both, greatly improve the quality of sanding surface and expanded the adaptation of the sanding machine; Strong adaptability, through the flexibility of the sanding machine pressure system can feed at the same time, more parts and allowed to have 2 mm or greater tolerance; Sanding surface quality and small error, the minimum thickness of sand cut to zero. 08mm; Simple operation, short setting time, the machine is convenient, low energy consumption, low noise, ensure accuracy of sanding.
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