The characteristics of the multistep automatic CNC turret punch press

by:Gewinn     2020-03-31
Our company is an enterprise specializing in CNC turret punch press, the quality of our products high quality, reasonable price, long service life and has broad market in the peer. Transfer characteristics of fully automatic CNC turret punch press: 1. Standard fully automatic CNC punch press. 2. With our new upgrade Qingdao doublestar CNC forging CNC punch dedicated system, can realize now game programming, programming background. 3. Equipped with standard RS232 interface, network CARDS, and other computer, LAN, convenient to connect the world wide web, communication. 4. Industrial-grade brand computer control, earthquake, anti interference, simple operation, friendly interface. 5. 80 g hard disk which can realize large limited storage file. 6. A half closed loop feedback pulse encoder. 7. Taiwan brand servo drive and motor. 8. Taiwan imported precision large lead ball screw, ensure the high machining accuracy, better work efficiency. 9. Taiwan imported precision linear guide, ensure higher precision, longer service life. 10. Brand coupling to ensure durable, calibration coefficient is high. 11. AutoCAD graphic automatic conversion. 12. Set mold library select in CAD drawing, and can preview drawing in CAD file. 13. Plate can be in after the completion of the program execution repositioning, automatic positioning precision, which can realize large plate processing. 14. Batch processing, which can realize one-click operation, convenient and quick. 15. Punch the fuselage USES the steel plate welding structure, the fuselage with good rigidity, small deformation, big height, mould guide long, easy to use, reliable, low noise, long service life. 16. Pneumatic clamp, clamp the protection plate, avoid injury cut. 17. Hard brush countertops or brush, mixed with universal table surface with different thickness plate is made. 18. Electrical cable has a convenient set of protection, prevent oil, waterproof, prevent pollution; 。 19. Main electrical components are placed in the electrical box, prevent wire leakage, safe and easy to maintenance and protection. 20. Equipped with manual lubrication pump, the oil directly into all lubricating points, reduce labor intensity, reduce the friction of moving pair, improve the service life. Equipped with 8, 12, 16 station such as mold location optional. We would like to work with new and old friends together, hand in hand advances boldly, create a more brilliant tomorrow.
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