The characteristics of wood mechanical polishing machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
A: the core can be oscillating disk 360 & deg; Grinding technology. Increase the round sand grinding, completely solve the traditional abnormity sanding machine only used an sander roller stare blankly lines shortcomings, through intelligent mechanical twisting arms make whole round sand plate back and forth, solve the sand set between couldn't cover all polished on the surface of the door plank, door plank is an all-round uniform polishing. The core 2; The double helix sand roller grinding technology. Profile sanding machine adopts 2 spiral sand roll, linear sand roller is more reasonable than that of the other manufacturers use, the aircraft used 2 spiral sand roller respectively according to clockwise, counterclockwise, door plank grooves can fully polished. Core 3: double chain wheel grinding technology. As a traditional and classical polishing technology, abrasive belt of chain transmission in accordance with the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction of two high-speed rotation, make the surface of the door plank, grooves are fully polished. Core 4: multiple thickening sisal support systems. Abnormity sanding machine mostly adopts multi-layer sisal to support sandpaper, such as spiral sand roller, this model USES three highly different sisal supported by sand paper, not only can meet the demand of density door plank of grinding, can also meet the demand of real wood door plank of play. Choose brand sandpaper, high quality sisal is also our company profile sanding machine, the projecting manifestation of the comprehensive quality of machine. Five: double suspension balance technology factory of special-shaped sanding machine through balance test, commissioning the installation on the same level of platform.
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