The chip breaker for turning of heat-resistant alloys launched by Tungaloy in Japan

by:Gewinn     2022-05-07
Japan's Tungaloy (Headquarters: Kawasaki City) has launched a chip breaker 'HMM' (pictured) with a large rake angle, which is especially suitable for turning heat-resistant alloys and difficult-to-cut heat-resistant alloys, which are increasingly required in the aircraft field. . In addition to work on the shape of the rake face, new grades have been used to extend tool life. Under normal circumstances, abnormal damage is likely to occur at the cutting edge when machining heat-resistant alloys, and the dynamic component of cutting resistance is large, so it is easy to shorten the tool life. Therefore, the new chip breaker is equipped with dot-like protrusions on the large rake angle and the rake face with sharp cutting edges. In this way, the rubbing area with the chips is reduced, and the rise in cutting temperature and the deposition are suppressed. The material adopts the coating material 'AH905' with superhard alloy as the base material. This material has improved wear resistance compared to the original material by applying a (Al,Ti)N coating with excellent high temperature properties, high hardness, high adhesion and smoothness. Stable machining of heat-resistant alloys is expected to extend tool life and improve machining efficiency. A total of 20 models are available, starting from 893 yen (tax included).
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