The choice of criteria for numerical control woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
In recent years, with the development of science and technology, our country numerical control woodworking machinery products through innovation, perfect, the product type, type is diverse. Many wood processing enterprises and the production technology of plant expansion and renovation, but when adding new equipment befuddled by many manufacturers. Small make up today is for everybody to introduce numerical control woodworking machinery selection criteria. The basic principle of numerical control woodworking machinery selection: there are many different kinds of numerical control woodworking machinery and its using performance difference is very big. But as the guiding ideology, model selection of the equipment has a lot of in common. Sum up have the following three points: ( 1) Technology advanced, 2) Economic rationality, 3) Production applicability. For these three principles, should be in touch with each other in their consideration. Because the choice of technology advanced equipment, its purpose is to seek the maximum economic benefit. When advanced technology is consistent with the economic and reasonable, the equipment can give full play to the advantages of; On the other hand, an effect. Introduced such as complete sets of equipment, equipment automation degree is high, but the energy consumption is too large, or the productivity of the equipment are high, but can't work at full capacity, thus economy whether reasonable problems behind the advanced technology. In addition, the applicability is the production problems. Equipment selection must be with the product of the production scale, product quality, production cost, raw materials, production necessary auxiliary conditions. Is combined with this unit of the department of specific facts, make the economic rationality reflected from the produce. When the low utilization rate of equipment, raw materials adaptability and fixed assets depreciation rate and high production costs and taxes contradiction to rise to a certain extent, whatever its nature, is the equipment can only say the failure of the equipment type selection. Therefore, economic rationality is the basis of how to choose the CNC woodworking equipment, and the applicability of advanced technology, production is the premise and guarantee. Above is the standard choosing the numerical control woodworking machinery, hope to be able to help in the later when the choose and buy for everybody.
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