The choice of wood lathe transmission system

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Although there are many kinds of woodworking lathe, the application in all walks of life, but with the current situation, the equipment transmission way only two kinds, respectively is cone drive and wuji variable frequency drive, can be said to be the two transmission ways underpins all of the wood lathe, the following simple introduction of the two transmission ways. First demonstrate the promise of the most commonly used in woodworking lathe variable frequency drive, this drive way can meet the high speed rotation of small workpiece processing and can meet the low speed of the big moment when processing, processing according to the workpiece size may at any time during the process of selection of 0 to 3000 RPM processing speed, and according to the appropriate amount of speed distribution. Because of this drive can adjust speed, ease of use, widely on the wood lathe at this speed. Another is cone drive: the belt in the cone up in three different positions, can obtain three different transmission ratio is called cone drive, this drive has the advantage of simple structure, stable transmission, can overload protection. Also disadvantages is obvious. Size is large, variable speed operation is not convenient, low accuracy of transmission, so the cone drive application and high speed machine tools and small machine tool and other machinery.
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