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by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
In the process of furniture edge banding, the traditional mechanical hand sealing side and manual sealing side of technology is the hot melt adhesive coating on the article sealing side, the sealing side of modern technology is to use semi-automatic machines and automatic mechanical sealing edges are hot melt adhesive coating on the plank. Viscosity of hot-melt adhesive, and decreases with the rise of temperature, and raising temperature can make the hot melt adhesive coating uniform flow flat good easy operation; Hot melt adhesive with temperature increase and enhance its capability of infiltration, raise the temperature of the hot melt adhesive, can improve the bonding effect. Manual sealing side or manual mechanical sealing side is not good as to meet the requirement of high temperature hot melt adhesive temperature operation, the appearance of the sealing side is more rough, sealing side with obvious gap between plates. Semi-automatic machine or fully automatic machine not only can satisfy completely the requirements of the above, also in the process of sealing side to form a kind of promoting the hot melt adhesive bonded contact with board or sealing side of the mechanical force, which push pressure and mechanical pressure roller pressure, due to give the corresponding stress can reduce the sealing side of a sheet, or contact with the hot melt adhesive clearance and exhaust, and form a mechanical interlock and full contact, in order to achieve good bonding effect.
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