The classification and development trend of the furniture and woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Woodworking machine mainly from logs saws cutting into processed into wood products used in the process of machining equipment. Mainly used for construction, furniture and wooden door manufacturing department. Woodworking machine can be divided into woodworking sawing machine, woodworking planer, woodworking lathe, woodworking milling machine, drilling machine, wood tenon machine, mortising machine, woodworking sander, and dressing, grinding woodworking tool auxiliaries, etc. Woodworking machinery is to point to in the wood processing, wood processing and processing of semi-finished products become wood of machine tools. Furniture machinery is an important part of woodworking machinery. Woodworking machine processing object is wood. Wood is a kind of raw material, found that using one of the earliest human with human lives, the line, with has the close relation. Human beings in the long-term practice has accumulated rich experience in wood processing. Woodworking machine is through the long-term production practice, and constantly find, continuously explore and constantly creating and developing. Classification and development trend of furniture and woodworking machinery: wooden furniture is made of wooden materials utensils. According to its structure can be divided into the frame type furniture and board two kinds big. Typical structure of mortise and tenon joint structure, frame type furniture materials for natural solid wood, timber, such as annatto furniture, bright type furniture, clear pattern furniture, solid wood eat desk and chair, etc. Typical refers to man-made board to board type furniture material, use the way such as fitting, round a tenon connection structure of furniture. General woodworking machinery has: 1. Log processing machinery: to log on at the beginning of processing machinery, such as saw cutting, wood veneer, desiccant, etc. 2. Board manufacturing and processing machinery: solid wood and man-made board ( Material such as plywood, MDF, particle board) Manufacturing machinery, and to deal with the surface of the plate, used for furniture processing sheet before the way with the mechanical process, such as machine, refers to pick up, hot and cold pressing machine, wrapping machine, etc. 3. Furniture manufacturing machinery, including board type furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture and other wood products processing and manufacturing to machine, manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic. Many varieties, wide range. From cutting, shaping, profiling, drilling, tenon chamfer, splicing combination, glue, paint on packing and so on various aspects, can be finished by machinery. The development trend of furniture and woodworking machinery: science and technology constantly developing, new technology, new material, new technology constantly emerging. Electronic technology, numerical control technology, laser technology, microwave technology and the development of high pressure jet technology, to the furniture machinery automation, flexibility, intelligence and integration has brought new vigor, make the machine tool and a growing variety of technical level enhances unceasingly. Combined the development trend has the following several aspects: ( 1) Improve the comprehensive utilization of wood. ( 2) Improve production efficiency and automation. ( 3) Improve the machining accuracy. ( 4) Application of high and new technology. ( 5) The development of flexible, integrated processing manufacturing system. ( 6) Safe pollution-free processing production system. The characteristics of furniture and woodworking machinery: ( 1) High speed cutting. ( 2) Some parts of manufacturing precision is relatively low. ( 3) A high noise level of woodworking machine. ( 4) Woodworking machine generally don't need a cooling device, the chip removal dust removal device. ( 5) Woodworking machine, must not be well versed in feed way station way less. On HaiRong woodworking machinery department to provide you with a complete set of logs to plank furniture complete sets of equipment. 021 - details welcome to inquire 51083057, 021 - 39549969, look forward to your calls
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