The classification of the numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-10
With the development of science and technology, wood lathe and CNC technology have got the perfect combination. Nowadays, numerical control woodworking lathe has become the main use of equipment in the wood processing factory. There are a lot of, the kinds of numerical control woodworking lathe below small make up to introduce the classification of the numerical control woodworking lathe. According to the tool post classification number ( 1) : single pole lathe CNC lathe are usually equipped with all kinds of single pole, such as the four points lie regulated tool post or multi-location turret automatic indexing tool slide. ( 2) : double lathe of this type of lathe double parallel distribution configuration, also can be mutual vertical distribution. According to the feature classification ( 1) Economical nc lathe: adopt stepper motor and single chip microcomputer feed system of ordinary lathe modification after the formation of the simple numerical controlled lathe, lower cost, but the degree of automation and functions are poor, turning machining accuracy is not high also, is suitable for the request is not high rotary parts turning. ( 2) Normal CNC lathe: according to the request of turning processing on the structure were designed and equipped with general nc system and form of numerical control lathe, numerical control system function is strong, has a high degree of automation and machining precision, suitable for general rotary parts turning. The numerical control lathe can control two axes at the same time, the X axis and Z axis. ( 3) Turning center: in general, on the basis of numerical control lathe, increased the C axis and power head, more advanced numerical control lathe with knife library, can control the X, Z, and C three axes, linkage control shaft can be ( X、Z) 、( X、C) Or ( Z、C) 。 Due to increased the C axis and the milling power head, greatly enhance the CNC lathe processing function, can not only be used for turning to the radial and axial rotary center milling, milling surface, the centerline is not part of hole and the radial hole drilling and other processing. According to the lathe spindle position classification ( 1) Vertical CNC lathe, vertical CNC lathe CNC vertical lathe, for short the lathe spindle is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, a large diameter circular table, used for clamping workpieces. This kind of machine is mainly used for processing the radial size and axial size is relatively small large, complex parts. ( 2) Is divided into horizontal CNC lathe, horizontal CNC lathe CNC horizontal guide horizontal lathe and CNC inclined guide horizontal lathe. The inclined guide rail structure can make the lathe has a larger rigidity, and easy to eliminate chip. According to the basic types of machining parts classification ( 1) CNC lathe chuck type: this type of lathe tailstock, suitable for cutting plate class ( Including short axial) Parts. Clamping way for electric or hydraulic control, with adjustable jaw chuck structure or quenching jaw ( The soft jaw) 。 ( 2) Top type CNC lathe: this kind of lathe is equipped with ordinary tailstock or nc tailstock, suitable for cutting long part and diameter is not too big plate parts. Other classification method according to the numerical control system of different control methods such as index, numerical control lathe can score a lot of kinds, such as linear control CNC lathe, two numerical control lathe spindle control, etc. ; According to the special or special process performance can be divided into the thread numerical control lathe numerical control lathe, numerical control lathe piston, crankshaft, etc. Above is the classified method of numerical control woodworking lathe, the hope can help you.
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