The classification of the sanding machine knowledge is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-06-24
Sanding technology is the size of the wood processing, furniture and building renovation of enterprises are widely used in a kind of processing technology, it is not only used to thicknessing man-made board and solid wood parts processing, but also for veneer and paint film surface fine sanding, to improve the quality of our products and decorative effect and the purpose of products and cost savings. Sand grinding by mechanical variety. Board a sanding belt sanding machine and is often used to broadband sander. Long belt can be divided into the sliding table and sanding machine hand press block of long belt sanding machine and belt pressure and felt rib belt of long belt sanding machine. Sanding artifacts can be in with a guide rail of the former work on mobile, holding a lever for briquetting pressure, abrasive belt under the action of briquetting for sanding, the sanding machine structure is simple, low investment cost, for large size parts of wooden planks or man-made board stick wood sanding, under the operation of skilled workers, good surface sanding effect can be obtained. Figure 2 to figure 1 modified, it is replaced by pneumatic pressure pad cutting direction of manual clamp, pressurized cushion covers the whole workpiece width, but when the abrasive belt and workpiece contact area is too large, increased power consumption, and a large number of wood chips easily when sanding adhesion in sand belt, abrasive belt easy fever at the same time, thus shortening the service life of abrasive belt, as shown in figure set felt rib belt, can overcome the defects, improve the quality of sanding. There are more than one kind of axial compression block type long belt sanding machine, it is suitable for hollow slab of sanding, even slightly on the surface of the hollow slab is not usually a good sanding effect can be obtained. Broadband type sanding machine has four basic combination machine, the figure for a contact roller ( For the steel roller) Single broadband belt sanding machine, mainly used for artifacts on thick sand grinding and turning big sand grinding, figure b for single belt conveyor with pressure pad broadband sander, pressure pad for rubber roller, roller is mainly used for sand stick on the surface of the panel light; Figure c for broadband twin belt sanding machine, processing has three Settings ways: (1) only the first set of contact roller, (2) only the second pressure pad roll, (3) contact roller and the pressure pad roller used at the same time. So when the machine is fitted with different particle size of abrasive belt, can be set at the same time, the workpiece thickness and surface fine sand; Figure d for three zones of broadband sander, fitted with abrasive belt of three groups of different, can be carried out on the workpiece thick sanding, but also to the veneer veneer or film for coarse sand and fine sand, achieve the goal of one machine. The above several kinds of broadband type sander is on sand type, and under the sand type and suitable for mass production of the sanding line. The traditional stick a face veneer thickness generally remain at 0. 5 - 0. Between 6 mm, only in this way can the thickness of the process to ensure high precision fine light and high quality surface treatment requirements. However, in today's increasingly shortage of wood resources, wood veneer, demand is increasing day by day in the furniture and renovation so people are increasingly using 0. 2 - 0. 4 mm small wooden stick a face. To ensure the quality of thin wood veneers, one is to improve the overlaying process, 2 it is to have higher sanding technology requirements, so a kind of 'keys' broadband sander ( Sectional pressure beam) The development and utilization of ( FIG. 5) , and set the CPS electronic control technology, The precision pressure can be adjusted) To further overcome the sectional beam pressure still exists in sanding stress 'absolute equalitarianism', the electronic control system of precision pressure ( The CPS electronic pressure beam) In conjunction with the precision of detection device, can according to different shape, size and material of workpiece, precise uniform sanding. Especially in the past is difficult to accurately sanding artifacts and not suitable for the broadband sanding machine sanding artifacts, has its prominent advantages. For example, the article with real wood sealing side veneer veneer artifacts, tongue-and-groove rim on the artifacts, stick panel veneer edge artifacts of splicing tape, with a small wooden artifacts and advanced paint decorative surface artifacts, and so on can be fixed by the CPS technology of accurate voltage regulation ( Stepless regulating) Gain the sanding, high precision of veneer was sand wear problems get solved. And as long as the thickness of tolerance (less than 2 mm Whether the same artifacts or multiple artifacts) , can in a sanding machine accurately at the same time the high quality of sanding, play a more 'narrowband' tied for the role and effect of use, which greatly enhances the functionality of sanding machine and flexibility, perfectly adapted to the characteristics and requirement of small batch more varieties of production.
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