The classification of the tenon machine and working principle of use

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Tenon machine basic is divided into five types: 1, with wood tenon ( Straight mortise) Tenon machine used for processing plane with wood tenon. 2, slotted tenon tenon machine used for processing arc: straight mortise and tenon, made before or wooden plank can assemble framework 3, square tenon and dovetail mortise tenon machine used for processing box, the make the carton board, split plate assembly into housing, etc. 4, the tenon tenon machine ( Also called comb tenon tenon machine) Used for processing refers to the tenon. Tenon matcher is used for processing the 5, circular tenon rods, the board type furniture components can be assembled into the product. Tenon machine working principle: the workpiece on the tenon machine cutting through several cutting head in turn, at the end of the artifacts after board games. Circular saw blade ( Cut his end) - - - - - - Upper and lower levels of milling cutter ( Milling tenon buccal) - - - - - - Vertical milling cutter (up and down Milling oblique tenon shoulder) - - - - - - Disc cutter ( Tenon groove milling on double tenon) 。 Tenons vendors would in the single side tenon machine, workpiece clamping often adopt manual screw, eccentric clamping device and pneumatic device, leverage to implementation. Double tenon machine is adopted with metal plate fixed beams, or use with rubber conveyor belt clamp device for pressure. A: how to correctly operate CNC cutting machine? A: the material of woodworking circular saw blades have those?
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