The classification of the wood lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
When it comes to wood lathe believe that everyone is very familiar with, now more and more kinds of woodworking lathe. Different kinds of wood lathe, its usage is different also. Small make up today is to introduce you to the classification of the wood lathe. General woodworking lathe is divided into ordinary wood lathe, copying woodworking lathe and CNC woodworking lathe: : 1, CNC woodworking lathe numerical control woodworking lathe from wood square to the rotary surface of workpiece to the trough, hollow out, carving, polishing, such as a integrated process called numerical control woodworking lathe. 2, copy wood lathe: modeling and workpiece parallel installations, modeling can be stationary or constant speed rotation and artifacts. Tool controlled by the modeling for the transverse feed, longitudinal feed by tool carriage driving. This machine has a vertical and horizontal, uniaxial and multiaxial, used for machining the incense burner legs of furniture, rifle gunstocks complex surface shape. 3, the common wood lathe: within chuck, workpiece clamping or bearing in the spindle rotation movement between two top and tail stock. Tool is installed on the tool carrier, driven by slip board box for longitudinal or transverse feed movement, also can be motivated to hand-held tool on the brackets. Above is the classification of the wood lathe, the hope can help you.
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