The classification of woodworking machinery and equipment features is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
1. Log processing machinery: to log on at the beginning of the processing machinery. 2. Board manufacturing and processing machinery: solid wood and man-made board manufacturing machinery, and to deal with the surface of the plate, used for furniture processing sheet before the way with the mechanical process, such as machine, refers to pick up, hot and cold pressing machine, wrapping machine, etc. 3. Furniture manufacturing machinery, including board type furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture and other wood products processing and manufacturing to machine, manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic. Many varieties, wide range. From cutting, shaping, profiling, drilling, tenon chamfer, splicing combination, glue, paint on packing and so on various aspects, all can be done by machine. In addition, our woodworking machinery equipment has the following characteristics: ( 1) High speed cutting. ( 2) Some parts of manufacturing precision is relatively low. ( 3) A high noise level of woodworking machine. ( 4) Woodworking machine generally don't need a cooling device, the chip removal dust removal device. ( 5) Woodworking machine adopts the cannot be well versed in automatic feeding method, numerical control station processing way. A: under the light of woodworking machinery and equipment repair regularly: woodworking machinery construction site requirements and characteristics
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