The common problems in automatic polishing machine elimination method

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Automatic polishing machine fault common failures and troubleshooting methods 1: polishing wheel startup large noise elimination method: remove the polishing wheel in through the nose and let it idle alone to hear the noise. ( 1) Check the nose belt tightness. If not, tightening must be tightened. If the phenomenon still exists, manufacturer shall be notified to communicate and maintain. (2) : different heart polishing wheels, offset incur large noise, eliminate failure methods: exchange polishing wheel or correction device used again after polishing wheel to make it work. Fault 2: workpiece clamp instability analysis of the causes of failure of automatic polishing machine. ( 1) Eliminate fixture next spring screw loose or fall off, replace or adjust the spring screw until the workpiece clamping completely; ( 2) Clamping shell and the top of the core of conical surface sediment troubleshooting methods: use lifter cylinder lifting clamp clip, remove the sandwich core, clean up the sediment, push core after installation. Automatic polishing machine friendship tips on notice: 1, should first check before starting the disc or the equipment have not take the artifacts and other sundry; 2, automatic polishing machine during operation in exchange Labour should stay on a disk to stop, and must be installed before the next rotating disc; If found any abnormal noise while working or other abnormal phenomenon, should immediately press the stop button, stop check, to handle the exception can continue to work; 3, 3, and require the equipment should be trained professionals in the operation and maintenance shall be informed the manufacturer to communicate when necessary.
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