The common problems in wood sanding machine processing method

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Woodworking sander in empty conveyor roller rotation, often can only be found under the empty check, this is because the transmission power appeared when the spindle speed must be wear and tear. Will not affect the work, but the main shaft will shorten the service life, due to the increase in production load losses will be bigger. Therefore, once found this kind of situation, immediate solutions. In addition, the vibration of the main bearing is abnormal. Under normal circumstances, the vibration of the bearing is very small, but the experienced operator can judge whether the contact normal, on-site inspection and there is usually no specialized equipment. But can choose compared with other bearing judgement, can also check from sand plate surface quality. When abnormal vibration bearing shell, there are generally two kinds of circumstances, one kind is bearing damage, the other is a replacement of bearings, the other is a contact roller wear, forming abnormal vibration, in this case to get off the sand roller repair.
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